Our Product~Beaded Pacifier Clips

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Customize your order:

I offer lots of different color beads and ribbons!

Rubber Rings: For the MAM style binkies I include a rubber ring with every strand. Simply attach the ring to the end of the strand and then wrap the ring around the front of the binkie.

It is best to call me and I can tell you what I have at that time. I will constantly be updating ribbons and beads with the latest trends and Holidays.

Generic Clips-$8.00

Choose basic color combination you would like (ie. Pink & Brown, or Blue & Green)
Choose 1 accent bead (sports ball, star, heart, etc.)

Customized Clips- $10.00

Choose Colors (include both bead and ribbon color)
Choose Accent beads if wanted(ie: football, baseball, etc.)
Choose Alpha beads if wanted(ie: initials, names, etc.)